You Have an Idea, Now What?

You Have an Idea, Now What?

Inventors Forum LogoIf you’re the creative type, you have a head full of ideas and no clue what to do with them.  Perhaps you have asked a friend or two if they think it is a good idea, and everyone you know has been very positive and supportive, but you still don’t know what steps to take next.  If you have decided that you want to take it beyond an idea, Orange County has a unique group that can help you, called the Inventor’s Forum.

The Inventors Forum is a group of inventors helping inventors.  We are one of the few groups that is actually recommended as a resource by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  The group meets twice a month at Chapman University on the 2nd and last Fridays of the month at 7pm in Argyros Forum (or at the School of Law in the summer).

The first meeting is open to the public and costs $10 to attend.  The fee covers a speaker and the cost of the room.  Topics range from patents and trademarks to licensing and marketing to Kickstarter campaigns and crowd funding.

The second meeting of the month is a closed, member-only meeting. (This is also the first meeting of each year… in 2014 it will be January 30th.) The cost of membership is $50 a year and it lowers your meeting fee to $5 per meeting. All members are required to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), where everyone agrees to keep each other’s secrets confidential.  These are the best meetings.  They offer a place to air your ideas and get feedback from people who have done it before; people who have created simple things, and others who may be engineers or honest to goodness rocket scientists.

The Inventors Forum is unlike anything you have experienced before, and whether you are a designer, a garage tinkerer, a big idea person, or a methodical engineering type who is ready to take the next step, you will find people who are ready and willing to point you towards the next step in your journey from idea to product.

To learn more about the Inventors Forum, visit

Note: Be sure to download a map and a parking permit from the website (it will save you $5 in parking. Make sure that you either use the printable parking pass or buy a parking ticket in the parking structure, otherwise you’ll get a very expensive ticket from the University. $40-80 depending on where you park… yikes! Don’t forget the pass!)

Founder/CVO Adaptifyed™, Serial Entrepreneur, BOD member for the Inventors Forum, Lean Canvas instructor & Entrepreneur in Residence for Chapman University, editor for ClassBrain, columnist for Impact! Magazine, member of OCHCC Technology Committee.

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