Welcome to OCWorx

OC Worx is a consortium of local technology and education groups in Orange County, who are interested in the development of physical products in the Southern California area.  Check our joint event calendar or Meetup group to find all sorts of amazing seminars and meetings of interest to inventors, product developers, manufacturers, and business owners.

In 2002, Wess graduated from Embry-Riddle with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. He immediately took a job with Boeing’s Phantom Works R&D Division as a guidance, navigation, and controls engineer in Huntington Beach. While at Boeing, Wess earned a Master's from USC in Aerospace Engineering. Wess left Boeing to start Edtric Corp in 2008 to follow his dreams as an entrepreneur, innovator, engineer, and lifelong learner. Fueled by his passion, he has dedicated generous amount of his space-time continium to help build a community of hardware engineers and connoisseurs. Wess uses the tools and mediums afforded by the arts, sciences, and engineering to explore the boundaries of creativity and problem solving. Wess enjoys traveling, winter mountaineering, road cycling, and exploring. He lives with his wife Stephanie in Newport Beach and loves all the adventure California has to offer.

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  1. Sean Lavery says:

    Might want to put a link to the meetup group in this post.

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