America Unleashed


I have a manufacturing background, so this subject is dear to my heart. I’ve personally witnessed, and been impacted by, the ebb of America’s production capabilities and decline in our competitiveness as a manufacturing powerhouse over these last 15 or so years.

The following article proves that there are signs of hope that a reversal of this trend is imminent. Although we’ve seen the rise in popularity of collaborative consumption models, as well as sites like kickstarter and etsy and the buy local movement, the impact and effect just can’t add up to anything significant. America’s most innovative consumer-centric companies are still building products in China. We’ve lost our mojo and not gaining it back anytime soon.

Not so fast. . .


This article discusses how America has four elements working in our favor:

  • creativity
  • manufacturing excellence
  • abundant energy
  • large capital reserves

Learn why we have an important edge in areas that matter a lot more. This is a great reminder of what makes this country great. Enjoy!

America Unleashed: Why we’ll be No. 1 Once More – from PBS NewsHour

Are America’s best years behind us or are we headed for new heights? We’ve heard from both sides of that debate on Making Sense. Last spring, David Stockman, director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Ronald Reagan, yearned for 19th century America and warned that believers in a “sunny future” are blind to the debt bubble. Just as quick to condemn America’s dependence on printed money and predict a spectacular economic bust was former trader Terry Burnham, now at Chapman College.

But not all economists are so gloomy. When we saw Charles Morris, the man who analyzed the crash several years before it happened, writing about what he called “the best-kept secret in the economics media,” we thought we’d better tune in. “Comeback: Why the US Sits at the Brink of a New Boom” is Morris’ prediction of a long-term growth period rivaling the 1950s and 1960s. And it’s not going to be a self-destructive boom, as afflicted the housing market; it will be rooted in manufacturing and energy, Morris says.

Read the rest of the story here.

Dennis has over 15 years experience in the Product Development and Manufacturing environments. His extensive background in procurement, supply chain management, vendor qualification, new product introduction, product lifecycle management, program and project management roles in high tech draws him to the possibilities this group has to offer. Dennis believes in the power of collaboration and community as catalysts for moving things forward. Dennis is founder of an internet startup, CrowdLocal, harnessing the power of community to help fund local projects and causes, and is co-organizer for 106 Miles SoCal, a network of startup founders and engineers from Palo Alto to San Diego and Startup Events OC, a meetup group focused on uniting innovation in Orange County.

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